Five Fitting Funeral Gifts When You Don’T Want To Send Flowers

If flowers just don't seem right to mark the passing of a friend or loved one, consider some alternative gifts that can express your condolences to the family of the person that has passed. Sometimes, the surviving family members will request that flowers not be sent, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't show your sympathies with some other gesture. Here are just a few funeral gifts ideas for when you don't want to send flowers.

1.Photographs. Framed photos of the person that has passed are always a sentimental gift that is cherished by the family left behind. Create an album of a few favorites,such as old military photos, and give it to the family at the reception or service for the deceased. Make copies of your favorites to share with other family members or loved ones. 

2.Trees. Give a baby tree or sapling to the family of the deceased to plant in their loved one's honor later. Make sure that you ask your florist to contain the tree in a pot or vessel in case it isn't replanted until spring. This is a wonderful way to create a spot designed to remember the person that passed and that family members can visit conveniently.

3.Stone gifts. Stone memorials are often used on gravesites or in the departed person's yard or garden; check out engravable options that you could order and give to the family. Have a mason or stone contractor engrave a stone with the name or year for the family to use as they see fit.

4.Charitable contributions. Donate money in the deceased's name to a local civic organization or group. Send the family a note or card giving information about the donation. Think about causes that the deceased was passionate about and try to honor that by giving to an affiliated or related charity.

5.Something to eat. Edible gifts are always a welcome alternative to flowers, and these sentiments can help to feed a crowd during a time when there could be a lot of guests and visitors in the recipient's home. It doesn't have to be fancy; often times a batch of cookies or a casserole are a nice thing for the recipient to come home to.

There are many practical and appreciated alternatives to sending flowers at the time of a death or passing. Use these suggestions to send the departed person's family a gift that will be useful as well as sentimental. You might even consider places like Hartsell Funeral Home have seen all sorts of ideas come through and so consulting with them would be a great idea before getting a gift for those left behind.