Three Ways To Make A Funeral Service More Personal

When planning a funeral service for a loved one, you may want to add a few special touches that make the service more personal. In addition to having a religious leader offer a prayer or reading, there are several other things you can add to the actual service to help honor your friend or relative's memory. Use this guide to create a touching tribute, and work with your funeral home director for additional assistance in planning the services:

Create A Memorial Video

You can arrange with your funeral home to have a television or projection screen brought into the room for a video presentation. Work with family members to collect pictures and video footage of your loved one, and compile them into a tribute video. You may also want to interview a few family members to share their favorite memories. If there are relatives who won't be able to attend the services, this can be a great way for them to give a short eulogy without being present. Arrange a video call with the people you want to interview, and record the call so you can use the footage in your tribute video.

Integrate Music Into The Service

If your loved one had a favorite song or songs, you may want to consider working the music into the service. Download each song to a flash drive, and give it to your funeral home director so he or she can play them during the service. For more unique touch, consider hiring a local choir to sing a rendition of the songs at the service. This offers a touching way to honor your loved one's memory.

Create A Memory Book

Have visitors jot down a favorite memory of your loved one when they attend the viewing, and then select some of these memories to be read at the funeral service. You can do the readings yourself, or you can have your funeral director or religious leader recite them for you. This will help to ease any anxiety mourners may have about speaking in front of the group, and it lets you vet the stories you wish to be shared with the group. As an added benefit, you will have a book of memories about your loved one you can treasure for years to come.

Talk to your family about other ways you can make your loved one's funeral more personal, and work together to create a unique and loving sendoff for your friend or relative. If you have other questions or concerns, consider contacting a company like Michels & Lundquist Funeral Home to learn more.