3 Unconventional Gifts That Will Surprise And Comfort The Bereaved At The Funeral

Going to a funeral can be difficult for all who attend. No matter how well you knew the deceased person, the sad reality of death can strike a nerve in anyone. When you plan to go to the funeral, try to also plan to give the grieving family a gift to help provide solace during this difficult time. These unconventional gifts can simultaneously surprise and comfort your loved ones. A well-planned gift can lift their spirits even during such a painful time.

Unconventional Gift #1: A Gift Certificate

Place a gift certificate or gift card in a sympathy card, then present it to them at the funeral. The gift will be unexpected, and it will empower the bereaved to get their minds off their pain while enjoying something that is pretty much universally enjoyable – shopping. You may offer a few words in the card about how the card or certificate can be used for anything that provides comfort during this time. You may even offer suggestions for things they may enjoy.

Unconventional Gift #2: A Spa Package

A spa package may seem like sending the bereaved a world away from their pain, but that is the point. A spa day allows them to decompress and focus on something else that's entirely set apart from the deep grief they are experiencing. A spa can help inspire self-care at a time when it usually goes out the window, and you may even treat them to a wellness class as a part of the spa package. You can offer to go along with the person to the spa day to keep them company.

Unconventional Gift #3: A Commissioned Painting

A painting of the lost loved one can be an especially meaningful gift. Commission a painting that shows the lost loved one at their best. Although you probably won't be able to have the painting completed in time for the funeral, you can include a note in a sympathy card that gives the details about the painting you had commissioned and how it can serve as a tribute or memorial to the lost loved one.

Finally, keep in mind that you are not required to give the grieving family anything at a funeral. Just showing up can be the biggest comfort to your bereaved loved ones. However, if you show up with an unconventional gift that was chosen just for them in remembrance of their loved one, it can be especially meaningful. They may always look back at your kindness with gratitude for how it helped them in their time of need.

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