Funeral Flower Ideas For Conveying Condolences

It is natural to send flowers when someone passes, but exactly what are you planning to send? There are many new ideas related to funeral flowers that could impact your decision and that will be greatly appreciated by the deceased's loved ones.

Some funeral flower ideas include:

Long-stemmed flowers. Have a box of long-stemmed carnations or roses delivered to the deceased's family. This will allow them the option of arranging them, using them at the service, or enjoying them in their home. Also, carnations and roses are fairly-hardy so they should last a while once cut or trimmed.

Casket sprays. Casket sprays are impressive, regal arrangements that typically are used on top of the casket or in front of a headstone. These also make beautiful centerpieces after the funeral, at a memorial, or on a reception table. Skip the conventional ribbons and bereavement messages and keep the spray simple for the most versatility.

Unique wreaths. Another way to encapsulate the personality of the person being remembered is with a wreath. Floral or foliage wreaths don't have to be round; in fact, you can have one made in a wide-range of shapes to help represent the life of the person that passed. Talk to your florist about some unique wreath ideas that will capture the individual best.

Live foliage and trees. Another way to convey condolences in a unique way is to send the surviving family a live tree. This will give them the option of planting it at the interment site, in a garden, or elsewhere, to serve as a living memorial to the person that passed.

Potted plants. Give the family of the deceased a potted plant instead of a flower arrangement. With care, this will last far longer than cut flowers and will be something they can use in their home or plant in a garden to honor the individual.

Gifts for the family. Another way to remember and honor the memory of the deceased is to send a lovely centerpiece, arrangement, or bouquet to the home of the family. Most send floral gifts to the funeral home, but send something a bit less somber to the home for a pleasurable sight that will uplift all who see it.

Consider these funeral flower ideas when looking to send flowers to a funeral. Talk with your florist about unconventional options and tasteful displays that will not only honor the person that passed, but that may help uplift those that are mourning the loss. 

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