Planning a Funeral Service for Cremation: Four Options to Consider

When your loved one selects cremation, you may be unsure about what type of memorial service to hold. Fortunately, there are many options available you can use to host a touching service, even if your loved one did not want a casket viewing before cremation. Here are just some of the many ways you can pay tribute to your loved one.

Scattering Service

A scattering service can take the place of a traditional graveside service. Invite close friends and family to be present at the scattering of the cremains, and consider hosting a funeral-style luncheon afterwards so everyone has a chance to talk and share a meal together. Your funeral director can help you with securing the location for scattering the cremains and can arrange for seating and other necessities to help make the service complete.

Church Memorial

While some churches don't encourage cremation, some may allow you to hold a funeral service within the sanctuary with the cremation urn present in place of a casket. Work with your funeral director to find a church that allows this option if your loved one's church does not. Consider meeting with the minister or preacher in advance so you can share a few details about your relative's life, which can help to make the service more personal.

Home Luncheon

Instead of hosting a memorial service away at a church or cemetery, you may want to consider hosting a home memorial and luncheon. This can be held at your home or at your loved one's home. Your funeral director can help you to arrange seating in the home and provide a lectern for eulogies. Set aside one area for a luncheon buffet, and clear the furniture out of the living room to provide a space for everyone to be seated during the service.

Off-Site Services

You can opt for something other than the traditional funeral service ideas by choosing to have the memorial at a place your relative loved. For example, you can rent out a private room at his or her favorite restaurant, or you can reserve space in your loved one's favorite park for a memorial picnic. If your relative was loyal to his or her alma mater, work with the college to reserve space on campus for a memorial service. Because you won't have to worry about bringing a casket to the location, you have a little bit more freedom to choose a unique space to honor your loved one's memory. Your funeral director may have other ideas about how you can host a memorial service for your loved one, either before or after the cremation is performed. Use these ideas as inspiration, and talk to your family to see which idea works the best for everyone.

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