Understanding What You Need For Funeral Pre-Planning

Funeral homes around the country offer packages that are designed for pre-planning your funeral. These packages may include a casket, vault, and the chapel service. In some cases, they may include more than that. Regardless of the type of package your local funeral homes offer, there are some pieces of information you need to have with you and understand why you need them.

Insurance Paperwork

One of the first things you will be asked for and should have with you for the consultation is your insurance paperwork. Most funeral homes accept insurance for the payment on the funeral pre-planning. This means that you would sign over a portion of your insurance or a full burial policy to the funeral home. Once this is done, when the time comes, the money from the insurance will go to the funeral home and pay on your pre-planned arrangements. Keep in mind this may not cover all of the payment or all of the services due to price increases. If that is the case, you will need to ensure that other arrangements are in place to take care of the outstanding costs.

Will Executor

You will be asked if you have an executor to your will. This is to ensure that someone is named to take care of your end of life planning. The funeral home will conduct business with this person, usually a family member, to help arrange the final tasks and to handle other issues with the funeral home. In most cases this is a spouse, sibling, or child. If you do not have a will, as it is not required, you can take this time to name someone to handle the final tasks of your end of life planning with the funeral home's staff.

Religious Counsel

You may not think of a religious counselor or spiritual advisor when you discuss pre-planning with area funeral homes. The truth is, when you find a funeral home and start the pre-planning process, you will be asked for a religious contact. This can be a member of the church that you attend, a clergy member in the family, or a clery member from your choice of faith. This is the person who will be handling your service and conducting any chapel or graveside service that you will have. The funeral home will contact them when the time is right.

These are just three of the things you need to keep in mind and understand when you begin the funeral pre-planning process. If you have these items, financial paperwork, and your plans for your funeral in mind, you will be well prepared for your consultation with your chosen funeral home.

For more information and pre-planning options, contact a local funeral home in your area, such as Thomas Funeral Chapels Inc.