Pros And Cons Of Selecting A Companion Headstone

As you and your spouse age and begin to think about the end of your lives, you may opt to begin to make funeral-related arrangements. One step that is common to take at this time is to select headstones, which you can pay for and even have set up on your cemetery plots. Many married couples opt for companion headstones, which are sometimes called double headstones. This monument is often larger than a single headstone and has places for two peoples' names to be inscribed. Companion headstones can be simple or intricate. Before you decide if you want to proceed with this type of headstone, here are some considerations.

Pro: It's Pleasant To Think About Being Together

Regardless of your beliefs about religion, spirituality, and the afterlife, you may find that the idea of being buried next to your spouse is highly comforting. The use of the companion headstone gives you the feeling of being together forever, which is obviously an idea that many loving couples favor. If you've decided that you'll both be cremated, you can even request that your remains are placed in a single urn and buried beneath your companion headstone.

Con: It May Feel Unsettling

Some people like some of the idea of opting for a companion headstone, but find that it's difficult to visit the cemetery should their partner pass away first. It can be a strange and perhaps unsettling feeling to stand in front of a headstone with your name on it, even if you're focusing on paying your respects to the memory of your spouse.

Pro: It Could Save You Money

When it comes to planning your funeral arrangements, people often try to save money in various ways. Although monument companies take different approaches to pricing their headstones, you may find that buying a single companion headstone that will accommodate both you and your spouse can cost less money than buying separate headstones for each of you. This is more likely to be the case if you choose a companion headstone that is on the simpler side.

Con: It May Be Awkward In The Case Of Remarrying

It's impossible to predict when you or your spouse may pass away, and even if you envision dying at similar times, this may not be the case. Should one of you pass away son and the other live another decade or more, it's possible that the latter could choose to remarry. Even if you don't envision this happening now, it could occur. This, of course, could leave you in a difficult position in regards to the companion headstone.