How To Make Cremation Services Special

Too many people make the mistake of assuming that cremation services are not as special and memorable as burial services. However, that is simply not the case. To ensure that the cremation of your loved one is as special as possible, you will want to make use of some of the following tips.

Still Have A Viewing

This is where friends and family of the deceased will come to pay their final respects. You can have a viewing, even if the casket will remain closed the entire time, as people still find comfort and closure in being able to stand by the casket and say their goodbyes; this is also a good way for loved ones to reconnect with one another and comfort each other in this time of mourning. After the viewing service has ended, the funeral director will take over and have your loved one cremated. You will be contacted when it is done, as it could be a few days.

The Spreading Of The Ashes

Not everyone wants to spread the ashes of their deceased loved one, but for those who are comfortable with the idea, this can be a great way to bring people together to honor him or her again. You do not even have to spread all of the ashes. Many people will keep half or the majority and only spread a portion of the ashes. You can do this in a special place, such as at the deceased's favorite park.  After this, you and their closest loved ones can gather at a local restaurant or at someone's home to have a meal together; this gives people the chance to reminisce about him or her some more, which can bring a more special feeling to the entire process.

Buy A Special Urn

There are a lot of urns on the market for you to pick from, with some being more expensive than others. To have a special urn, you do not have to spend a lot of money. It's not about how much money you spend on the urn, but how you feel about it, how it relates to the personality of the deceased, and how you feel it displays them. Checking for urns online will allow you to locate as many unique urns as possible. Take your time shopping for this, even if that means that you are not going to have it in time for when you are called to pick up the ashes from the funeral home. The ashes can remain in the provided box until you find the perfect home for them.

Talking with the funeral home director may help you come up with more ways to make the cremation service special, as he or she has been witness to many different services over the years. To learn more, contact a cremation service like Romero Family Funeral Home Corp.