An Upbeat Funeral Service That Showcases Your Loved One’s Humorous Personality

Funerals are often somber experiences in which people try to make sense of the loss while sharing prominent moments from the past that highlighted their loved one's life. If this is not exactly the type of service that you would like to hold for your father and you are steadfast about enlightening everyone about your father's humorous attitude, an upbeat service can be orchestrated that will be symbolic of your loved one's personality.

Did Your Dad Live For the Moment?

If your dad enjoyed playing practical jokes on people and often stated that life was short and worth living to the fullest, you can recreate this state of mind by demonstrating some of the jokes or providing the guests with a description of some of the funny occasions that your dad lived through.

Lighthearted humor will improve the mood inside of the funeral home and will give the attendees a glimpse of your dad's offbeat humor. After sharing some details with everyone, others may volunteer their personal accounts, which include your father doing something funny. 

How Did Your Dad Perceive Himself And Others?

What was your father's overall personality like? Maybe he was someone who did not take himself too seriously and just tried to make the best out of whatever was handed his way. Did he try to make people laugh because he was concerned about their feelings and wanted to see them have a good time, or was he merely trying to be the center of attention, someone who wanted to catch people by surprise?

Whatever type of personality your dad possessed, it was a unique one that made him the person who he was. Share a deeper look into your dad's psyche by offering a slideshow that is accompanied by a commentary. During the slideshow, share photographs of your father at various stages in his life. Try to express your dad's view on life through the words that you state aloud.

Are There Any Songs That Hold True Meaning?

You can have a pianist or another musician perform at the funeral, or you can use a stereo system and speakers to play music inside the room where the service will be held. One way to end the service on a positive note is by playing a couple of your dad's favorite songs. Choose upbeat songs that were very meaningful to your father or that describe your father's take on life. 

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