4 Considerations When Planning Cremation Funeral Services

When planning a funeral service after a cremation, many people stick to traditional service ideas and traditions. However, if you opt for cremation, you have certain benefits that will allow you to plan a unique and meaningful funeral service. 

Consider a Viewing

Even if you choose cremation, you can still hold a viewing of the deceased before the cremation is carried out. This is the same as a viewing before a burial, where loved ones can see the deceased a final time and pay their last respects. If you wish to have a viewing, you may need to consider embalming depending on when the viewing is held and local funeral laws. 

Be Flexible With The Timing 

If you are not holding a viewing, a funeral service can be held any time after the cremation. You may want to hold off on services for a week or even a month to allow people to make travel arrangements and attend the funeral. 

Consider Holding Multiple Services

You may want to hold multiple services. For example, you may have a small family gathering to collect the remains from the crematorium, then a larger gathering at a place that was important to the deceased, and finally an internment service when the remains are placed in their final resting place, whether that is scattered, at a person's home, or in a columbarium. Because time is not as essential, you can plan these for different weeks and allow different people to grieve in their own way. 

Consider Transporting the Remains to Another Location 

Because urns are much smaller than caskets and the remains are sterile, it is possible to transport the remains of the deceased to another location for funeral services without considerable cost or hassle. This can allow you to choose a location that was meaningful for the deceased or hold the service where a majority of the deceased family or loved ones lives, cutting down on overall travel costs for the funeral service. 

Overall, cremation allows much more flexibility for funeral services in time, location, and style. If you are planning your own cremation, you may want to give your loved ones an idea of the types of services and final internment you desire. If you are planning a cremation for a loved one, you can discuss your options with your local funeral home to ensure you hold a respectful service that fits everyone's needs. 

Every funeral should be unique to the person. If you're looking for a cremation funeral service, talk to a local service today.