Planning Your Own Funeral Services: Why You Should

Many people plan their own services ahead of time. For those who have never done any kind of funeral planning, you might wonder why you should think about planning your own. After all, you might think that's something your family should handle after you pass away. However, there are some real benefits to planning — and paying for — your funeral services ahead of time. Here's a look at what you need to know.

Eliminates Confusion Or Question About Your Wishes

When you work with your local funeral home to plan out your funeral service ahead of time, you have the opportunity to clearly detail your wishes for your service and the final handling of your remains. 

If there is any possibility that your family members or loved ones might misunderstand or overlook your wishes along the way, planning your own funeral services can eliminate that risk entirely. You can have the peace of mind that your final services will be exactly the way that you want them to be because you will have already provided the detailed instructions to the funeral home in advance.

Prevents Family Disagreements

Nobody ever likes to think about it, but family disagreements over funeral services can happen. When you have more than one person in your family who is close enough to you to believe that they should have a say in your funeral services, you run the risk that there may be conflicting opinions about how your remains and your services should be handled.

In a time when emotions are already running high because of grief, this can lead to some hostilities, hurt feelings, and irreparable relationship damage. If you want to eliminate the risk of this type of disagreement amidst your loved ones, planning your own service is a great option. This way, nobody is left to make any of those decisions or to disagree with other family members about the choices that they made.

Saves Your Loved Ones Money

Especially if you are the primary income source for your family, anything that can reduce costs after your passing will take a significant burden off your loved ones. Pre-planning your funeral services and paying for them in advance can do just that. Not to mention, the sooner you plan and pay for your services, the sooner you've locked in the current rates for your services. In another decade, inflation can lead to increased pricing, which your loved ones won't be subject to because your services were already paid for in advance.

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