Choosing Cremation Services As Part Of Your Final Funeral Arrangements

Many people find the idea of being buried underground in a vault to be horrifying. They do not like the notion of their remains being trapped in a casket and decomposing in the ground.

If you count yourself as one of those who do not favor traditional burial, you may lean toward the option of being cremated. You can include cremation services in your pre-planned funeral arrangements to ensure that your remains are not placed in a casket and vault after you pass away.

Take Up Less Space

One of the main reasons that you may prefer to forgo traditional burial involves avoiding taking up too much space in a cemetery. A traditional gravesite is several feet long and wide. There must be enough space to place both the casket and vault in the ground.

However, when you are particularly environmentally aware, you may not want to take up precious land space just for your gravesite. Instead of contributing to the depletion of the land, you can opt for cremation services. 

If you have your cremains buried, your gravesite may be only one or two feet wide and long. If you have your ashes given to a loved one or scattered, you can avoid taking up any land space at all.

Less Expense

You also may want to leave more money in your estate to your loved ones. You do not want them to have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to hold a funeral for you and have you buried.

Instead of arranging a large and expensive funeral, you can pay for cremation services. These services often cost significantly less than traditional funerals and burials. You leave more money from your life insurance and estate to your loved ones and avoid having to designate those funds to go to a funeral home for your final arrangements.


Finally, cremation services can take place faster than a traditional burial. Your final services can be carried out in one or two days after you pass away. Your family might appreciate the faster closure and the chance to say goodbye to you without having to wait for several days or up to a week or longer.

Cremation services can appeal to you for a number of reasons. They bypass a traditional burial in a casket and vault. They are also more environmentally friendly, less expensive, and provide faster closure for your family. 

Contact a cremation service, such as American Cremation Society (Ridgemoor Chapels), for more information.