Cremation Jewelry: Keeping Your Loved One Next To Your Heart

The cremation of a loved one can seem so final. Burial creates a final resting place—a place that can be visited for quiet reflection. Of course, cremation doesn't always prevent this final resting place. Cremated remains can be buried at a cemetery or even in your yard (depending on local zoning ordinances). They can also be kept in an urn at home. But if those ashes are to be scattered, you might find the conclusive nature of the process to be too much to bear. Have you considered keeping a piece of your loved one next to your heart?

A Cremation Keepsake

There are a wide variety of cremation services on offer, aside from cremation itself. Many of these services are much as you'd expect—such as there being many different urns to choose from or scattering tubes that make it easier to release your loved one's ashes into the wind. But there are a number of services which may come as a surprise. Instead of placing all your loved one's ashes in a storage container, ready to be scattered at a later date, a small amount of their ashes can be collected and made into a keepsake. And it's in this keepsake that you'll keep your loved one next to your heart—quite literally, in fact.

Different Options

Cremation jewelry is actually a broad term—with the design, as well as the overall look and style of the piece depending on your personal preferences and budget. But they all share the same theme, in that they contain a small amount of your loved one's ashes. A locket is common, ensuring that your loved one is right next to your heart. Other types of jewelry are also available, and ashes can be included in a bespoke piece. The most basic type of cremation jewelry is premade and is little more than a small (locket-size) sealable metal cylinder on a chain. A tiny amount of your loved one's ashes are placed inside the cylinder, which you then wear. But there are more personalized choices.

Bespoke Pieces

Your loved one's ashes can actually be infused with cubic zirconia—which is an artificial diamond substitute that is manufactured, instead of mined. Only a tiny amount of ash is needed, and it's infused during manufacturing, so you won't necessarily be able to see it when looking at the zirconia stone in your jewelry. But once the stone has been made, it can then be placed in an individual piece of your choosing, whether this is a necklace, ring, or even earrings. It's just a way of always keeping your loved one close.

So if you don't want the scattering of your loved one's ashes to be the final, conclusive farewell, a small, wearable keepsake can be a touching way to remember them. For more information on cremation jewelry, contact a professional near you.