5 Ways To Use Casket Colors In A Funeral

One of the elements with the biggest potential impact on the look of a funeral is often one of the most underrated: casket color. Some people are even surprised to know that they have a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. Whether you're pre-planning your own services or planning for a loved one, here are a few ways to use casket color to honor the deceased's memory. 

1. Use a Favorite Color 

Your or your loved one's favorite color is a great way to personalize funeral services. Pre-planning your own funeral makes it easy to decide on a favorite color and how to deploy it with a casket. But family members and close friends often know what the deceased liked as well. 

2. Use Colors to Reflect Personality

Different colors have different meanings and represent different ideas. Red is a passionate and energetic color, for example, and would be a wonderful way to honor a vibrant personality and a person who loved life. Pink and other pastels are more romantic and dreamy in nature, so they go well with a softer personality. Black may feel edgy or formal, while wood tones are generally considered elegant and classic. 

3. Represent an Organization or Hobby

What did the person like to do when they were alive? Were they avid sports fans? Use the team colors as a guide. Did they remain deeply involved in a fraternal society? Use its colors in the theme. Were they a nature lover? Beautiful wood hues, forest green, and ocean blue all make an appropriate send-off. 

4. Create a Vibrant Celebration of Life

Unlike the somber reflections of a traditional funeral, some people prefer a more vibrant celebration of life. A bold and eclectic casket choice is the perfect centerpiece to this style of service. Encourage guests to wear their favorite colors. Decorate in a more vibrant and colorful manner. You might even use the color of the casket as an icebreaker or part of a eulogy. 

5. Don't Forget Wood Choice

A bold color isn't everyone's cup of tea when it comes to caskets. But you can still select from a range of wood colors and textures. Mahogany, maple, pine, cherry, satinwood, and oak all have different looks and can be further personalized with stain choices. You can opt for anything from an elegant and luxurious wood to a simple and rustic appearance. 

Where to Start

No matter what you want from the funeral you're planning, the right casket colors will go a long way toward achieving the right look and feel. Start by learning more about available options by meeting with a funeral home in your area today.