What Is A Living Funeral And Why You Should Consider One

If you have a terminal illness, you may be considering your end-of-life planning. It is not something many people want to face. In fact, you may be thinking that it is a bit morbid or depressing. A living funeral is one way you can have an end-of-life plan without worrying about many of the traditional options that come with funeral planning. If you have never heard of a living funeral, here are some key points to know. 

Celebration of Life

One of the key aspects of a living funeral is that it is a celebration of life. A living funeral allows you to say goodbye to family and friends before your illness becomes too bad to see visitors. It allows you to speak to family and friends and say the things you need to say and to make sure they know how you feel about them. This type of funeral is held as more of a party and celebration than a funeral. It is a chance to say see you soon rather than a harsh goodbye. Some people find that it is easier and more pleasant than the traditional ways of handling a funeral service.


The location of your living funeral does not have to be at a funeral home or at a graveside. It can be at your home. You can also choose to have a living funeral as a vacation. You can basically choose to have it anywhere you want. If you have always wanted to have a restful moment at the beach before your illness worsened, or a trip to the mountains, you can with this type of funeral service. The location is up to you. The time of year is also up to you. By having a living funeral, you are the one that decides when, where, and who will attend. 

Your Terms

Funerals are something that you may feel you have little control over. You can choose your burial site, your casket, or if you want cremation services instead. How the funeral service goes, how the visitation is, and the overall feeling of the service is out of your control. With a living funeral, you get to say goodbye on your terms. You can have a true celebration, a sending-off party, that fits your personality. You can decide on all aspects of the service rather than just a few aspects. A living funeral is something done on your terms as a celebration rather than a sad goodbye.

If having a living funeral sounds like something that would appeal to you, contact your area funeral home. They can handle the funeral planning for the traditional portion of your burial. You can also discuss with them your desire to have a living funeral. Many funeral directors have ways of helping plan this type of celebration of life and can assist you further with the planning.