Is Your Teen Grieving The Wrong Way? What To Look For

Death is highly impactful; however, to what degree it affects someone varies. This is especially the case when it comes to teenagers. During these years, children are learning to manage their own emotions, while striving for greater privacy and independence, which is a challenge in and of itself and grief only elevates the difficulty bar. Parents should know how to recognize when the load is too heavy for their child to bear on their own. Read More 

Three Ways To Make Home Burial Easier On Your Family

At-home burial can be a healing experience where your family is able to grieve in an organic and intimate manner, but it can also be hard on them because they'll be emotionally compromised and won't be able to easily make decisions. Here are three ways you can make the process easier for them.   1. Do the research and planning in advance When you first decide that at-home burial is right for you, you've hopefully done at least some research already to help you become familiar with the process so you can make the most informed decision. Read More 

Four Good Reasons For Pre-Planning Your Funeral

Few people want to think about their own funeral. However, taking the time and effort to pre-plan your funeral offers a number of benefits. You don't have to worry about the money you pay a funeral home not being there when you need it. All 50 states, including Ohio and Connecticut, require that funeral homes keep your money in an insurance, trust or escrow account until you die. In addition, most funeral homes allow you to transfer your arrangements to another home should you move to another part of the country. Read More