3 Simple Rules for Going to the Funeral of an Ex-Spouse

Divorcing someone doesn't mean that there is a lack of love between two people. Sometimes couples who deeply love each other simply cannot live together. Some couples find that letting each other go is the best thing for both parties. No matter what your relationship with your ex evolved to be, the passing of someone you once loved is inevitably painful. It is understandable if you want to go to their funeral. Read More 

Five Fitting Funeral Gifts When You Don’T Want To Send Flowers

If flowers just don't seem right to mark the passing of a friend or loved one, consider some alternative gifts that can express your condolences to the family of the person that has passed. Sometimes, the surviving family members will request that flowers not be sent, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't show your sympathies with some other gesture. Here are just a few funeral gifts ideas for when you don't want to send flowers. Read More 

Three Ways To Make A Funeral Service More Personal

When planning a funeral service for a loved one, you may want to add a few special touches that make the service more personal. In addition to having a religious leader offer a prayer or reading, there are several other things you can add to the actual service to help honor your friend or relative's memory. Use this guide to create a touching tribute, and work with your funeral home director for additional assistance in planning the services: Read More 

Cremation On Your Budget

Cremation is sometimes recommended as a low-budget alternative to traditional burial. Here is a breakdown of the potential costs of cremation, and how you can potentially exclude them from your plan. Renting or Buying a Casket (Optional) The costs of renting a casket are reserved for families who want to have an open casket viewing before having the body cremated. You can usually rent a casket from your funeral home. You also have the choice of buying a casket, and this can be used to bury the ashes in a cemetery plot. Read More 

Ease Your Grief by Setting Up a Memorial Site

Memorializing a loved one that has passed can go a long way in helping heal the pain of a death. Set up a memorial site to honor the life lived, and to provide a peaceful place to go and remember your departed loved one. Having a place to go and think about the person that passed can help with grief, particularly among children. Some tips for setting up your own memorial site include the following: Read More